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FIND YOUR FLOW-Congress Basel from Nov 11-12, 2023
Featuring Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Thomas Young et al.

Thomas Young has been invited as top speaker to the FIND YOUR FLOW-Congress in Basel/Switzerland. Thomas gives his keynote presentation on Nov 11 at 2.15 pm.
The Congress will take place in the St. Jakobshalle with over 7000 Participants . .

New! In-Depth Interview with Host Guy Lawrence from Australia

Here you may watch a wonderful  in-depth Interview with the fabulous Guy Lawrence from Australia. Click on the this very link and go over the homepage of Guy Lawrence in order to listen to the podcast or watch it on youtube below. . Wishing you much joy and profound inspiration!


Activate the 12 healing powers of the heart and become your own future lab.
You will learn how to maximize your capacities to self-heal and explore highly
effective tools from the ancient wisdom school teachings as well as cutting edge
techniques from Thomas Young.

POWER OF YOUR HEART – Free Masterclass!

Wonderful Online Course based on the bestselling book WILLKOMMEN IM HERZEN by Thomas Young, first published by Random House on 2006.

Unique CD . . Breakthroughs . . Light Experiences . . God Point

Sensitive spoken and developed by Thomas Young. Both works on this CD are energetic masterpieces of a consciousness teacher, who leads his listeners into ever greater depths. Two excellent mystical meditations for an inspiring reconnection with Divine Consciousness. SOUL POWER creates the space for the long-awaited crossing of the innermost threshold – leading up to the heart illumination. THE GREAT WHITE LIGHT activates the Sacred Dream of the soul and navigates the healing movements of a new being. A beneficial influence onto one’s own destiny becomes possible. Both works are masterfully orchestrated by the wonderful music of Deuter. Directly to the CD


SOUL POWER – The Enlightenment of the Heart

Author & Voice: Thomas Young
Music: Deuter
Length: 22:22


The God Point

Author & Voice: Thomas Young
Music: Deuter
Length: 26:26

We have put together a special offer for the premiere of the new CD: Order the new CD SOUL POWER  | The Enlightenment of the Heart   together with 3 other freely selectable Thomas Young CDs / books from our assortment and get our 4-for-3 special package for Eur 59.90  Directly to the special package


New Edition – Bestselling Book! A thrilling reading experience

Willkommen im Herzen is an invitation to all people who follow their hearts and want to realize their lifelong dream. Using the example of his own path, Thomas Young shows how we set course for inner freedom, awareness and joie de vivre. He gives fascinating insights into the development path of a spiritual teacher. In decisive moments, dreams lead him to healers, shamans and mystics and thus to a profound change in his consciousness. With empathy and a lot of humor, wisdom teacher Thomas Young takes us on a great adventure towards awakening the heart, which becomes the guiding star of our own soul journey.

“Real transformation only takes place through the heart; those who are firmly anchored in the heart follow the path of the initiated.” Thomas Young


5.0 out of 5 stars

A great book! One of the best spiritual books I’ve read! Wonderful heart-opening stories from your own life! Thomas Young is a great, clear and loving teacher! His seminars are also highly recommended! Maddy


5.0 out of 5 stars
A real treasure chest! A travelogue about the treasure inside us, our heart … a treasure also is this book, a real treasure trove … I have read the book countless times in the meantime – first in its entirety and then again and again – following internal impulses – individual passages. Again and again I find new inspirations, new food for thought, discover what has been written in a different, new way. For me, that is the special thing about this book – it is written with true HEART-blood. Written very personally, at the same time there are impulses for every reader that are important here and now in life. Simply recommended for everyone who wants to walk the path of the heart out of deep conviction. V.S.

To the book

Due to the great demand for our bestseller WELCOME IN THE HEART, we would now like to thank you with a WELCOME TO THE HEART special: The popular book plus 3 freely selectable CDs from our program at a super price of EUR 59.90 instead of around EUR 80.00. You can freely choose the CDs by simply naming the titles of the 3 other CDs / books during the payment process under the order note. This special is not available as a download. If you do not order via the website, simply let our office know by email or phone. or 0 75 63/915 355  Directly to the WELCOME TO THE HEART – special

And one more thing . . Another excellent book!




After a decade, the long awaited second book LIVE YOUR MOMENTUM by Thomas Young premiered. 20 years of heart teachings and deeply touching experiences as conference leader flow into this work. Thomas Young clearly and brilliantly summarizes the new MOMENTUM MASTERY process for his readers – Making it a learnable championship for all. Spiritual sovereignty, high suitability for its everyday use and finding your flow characterize the newly developed creation technology. Get your Creation Keys! Now is the time . .  A jewel for all the consciousness pioneers who have worked with Thomas and those who may still find their way into one of his transformational events. Thomas Young leads the participants to spiritual breakthroughs and summit experiences with this book, the accompanying CDs, workshops and the all-transforming yearlong training. You will be able to powerfully manifest the Sacred Dream of your soul into the world. Through decades of cultivating different approaches into the heart center and other consciousness spaces, Thomas Young, with his work as a wisdom teacher and author, is considered an excellent catalyst for the development of consciousness. LIVE YOUR MOMENTUM – How to become the creators of our destiny –  contains spiritual dynamite for the blasting old chains and a quantum storm of inspiration for the future. Read the book, get to know Thomas, get to know the teachings and cross the threshold .. Right to the book . .


7-10-DAY RETREATS  Italy, Pyrenees, Malta/Gozo

Following an inner call to reconnect with the higher forces of our soul in spectacular nature settings and sacred places will be the guiding theme for 2019 As well as the newly developed LIVE YOUR MOMENTUM – Yearlong Training 2019 with breakthrough tools for manifesting our highest destiny.  More under retreats.


The 10 day initation
into the Heart 

The new date for the essential 10-day heart initiation SACRED HEART is set and can be booked now. The deeply touching Sacred Heart Conference happens to be a highlight of Thomas Youngs alchemical heart work. More under retreats.


The Activation of
the God Frequency

Seven days that will change your life. A week of transformation setting free the higher octave of love, truth and freedom. The life-changing experience leads to a new form of radical presence. The unique retreaet enables participants to win a new perspective of the larger story of their life’s journey and soul purpose. More under retreats,

New! The MOMENTUM MASTERY CDs! Tools for a new awareness. Live the momentum of your heart!
4 CDs at the special price of Eur 59.95!

“Thank you for the in-depth CDs of the MOMENTUM MASTERY series. I hear at least one meditation every day and am always touched and fascinated by the way I meditate. Above all, the truth, clarity and wisdom that speaks to my soul gives me strength and leads me back to my core again and again. “Christian F.