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Activate the 12 healing powers of the heart and become your own future lab.
You will learn how to maximize your capacities to self-heal and explore highly
effective tools from the ancient wisdom school teachings as well as cutting edge
techniques from Thomas Young.


Maximize your healing power I Become your future

In this powerful HEAL GOOD // FEEL GOOD – online course, everything is done to strengthen your self-healing powers to the maximum. In individual sessions, wisdom teacher Thomas Young guides you through the activation of the 12 healing powers of the heart, which have the goal of connecting you to your light vortex, your healing self.

Working with groups around the world, Thomas Young has collected an abundance of tools through his heart teachings that enable courageous individuals, aka consciousness pioneers, to penetrate deeper levels of themselves and activate these healing powers. The heart work of Thomas is characterized by a great depth of consciousness and the radical presence of the mystics. “Get ready for energies that go far beyond anything you have experienced. .

Today, healers, scientists, doctors, neurologists, biologists, chemists conduct research at the interface where spirit and matter meet, where specific information or intentions have an immediate effect on the body and can trigger autonomous healing movements in it. This enables you to feel your healing being and to choose consciously. Be ready to activate your invisible light vortex, the healing self, your healing self.

Let Thomas Young take you on an adventure trip through the 12 healing powers of your heart plus an extra session plus workbook, etc. The special thing about the HEAL GOOD // FEEL GOOD online course is that at the end of each session the respective healing powers are Trance meditation is specifically anchored in your body.