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New! SOUL POWER | The Enlightenment of the Heart – Weekend

Experience the highest release of your soul power! Far beyond the eponymous 3 H Workshop we will bring new lights / meditations to the heart center. Highly effective tools are used, which are otherwise only used on longer retreats. Heart work is characterized by great depth of consciousness and the radical presence of the mystics. “Enlightenment is not a long-term goal, but an approachable experience that is possible for every human being.” Let us bring our souls into a higher vibration . . ”

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MOMENTUM MASTERY | Unleash the Power of Your Heart

Mastering the momentum is considered the High Art of the heart teachings and of life in itself. The moment where everything falls into time and place and we experience a state of flow. We act completely at ease from the very core of our being. The universe all of a sudden supports our movements. We are extremely charged with energy. Everything functions and works out by itself, or better by the Self. This mastery is a process which every one can learn. The MOMENTUM MASTERY weekend will clarify who you really are: Your visions, the depth of your soul, your highest calling, your special gifts, your life’s dream.

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YOUNG AT HEART | Opening of the Heart Center

Experience the awakening of your heart center at a weekend conference with an unconventional teacher and open yourself to true freedom and inner bliss. The best weekend to get to know the power of the heart work personally. The transformative days are choreographed in a way that the participants will have the direct physical sensation of the heart center at the end of the weekend through their very openness.”I had a wonderful experience after the YOUNG AT HEART – Conference. the morning after i sat down to meditate as usual. Suddenly I sensed something like a current or a wide space which opened up above me as if the heavens literally opened up. Like a gate, a tube or tunnel, like the eye of the hurricane. in the center of it a path appeared and around it i saw formations of light which i never saw before. I was showered with a wonderful, sparkling, powerful form of love coming from another dimension.” S.J:

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