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Heart Experience – Essence Teaching – Radical Presence

Best-selling author and mystic Thomas Young summarizes the teachings of the heart in a brand new annual training course. Learn to embody the 5 spiritual archetypes of a HEART TEACHER and to implement them in your profession in a beneficial way. An extremely deep training that transforms you and your teaching, healing, seminar and speaker activities and takes you to a new level. Suitable for therapists, healers, CEOs, people with a soul from all walks of life. Trust and jump on!




HEART TEACHER 2024 promotes the participants in their respective fields and gives them a wealth of new practical wisdom. Whoever advises, teaches, heals, perceives and speaks with the higher resources of his heart experiences an increase in his energy in all areas and becomes an evolutionary pioneer for the next steps of humanity. HEART TEACHER 2024 opens access to fields of consciousness that go far beyond conventional teaching techniques and increases the luminous essence of each participant.

Be ready to inspire with your heart!


I ENERGY | Energize Yourself                           SHAMAN

Realize the sacred dream. Be a wanderer between worlds. Cultivate the medicine man’s eye. Honor the medicine woman’s bowl. Stand up for humanity. Applying energy medicine. Activate the rainbow warrior in you. Experience the heart of your own path.
Teaching-Modul 1: Encourage, Energize, Enlighten          BECOME THE BRIDGE
We Jan 10,  8 pm – Su Jan 14, 2 pm   Tirol/Austria


II HEILKRAFT | Gathering Medicine                  HEALER

Collecting healing movements. The opening of sacred spaces. The power of prayer. Local and non-local healing. Quantum medicine. Developing new healing templates. The gift of the healing vision. Self-healing, healing of the other. Group healing. Medicine from the future.
Teaching-Modul 2: Heal, Help, Hope                                    BE A HALL
We Apr 10, 8 pm – Su Apr 14, 2 pm   Tirol/Austria


III INTUITION | Piercing the veil                          SEER

Break through the mystical vision. Light- and shadow work. Understanding projections, transference and countertransference. Access to higher wisdom. Opening of the 4 channels of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience  and sudden knowing.The perception of time lines.
Teaching-Modul 3: Intuition, Intimacy, Innovation               HOLD THE SKY

We Jul 10, 8 pm – Apr 14, 2 pm    Tirol/Austria


IV PRESENCE | Thought Leader                            SPEAKER

Energize an audience. Speak from the center of your heart without fear. Learning stage techniques. Meet the common denominator of the audience. Present yourself empty-handed. Outline your story and intention. Dealing with camera and interviews. Finding your language.
Teaching-Modul 4: Straight forward, Storytelling, Stand-Up          ROCK THE STAGE

We Oct 09, 8 pm – Su Oct 13, 2 pm  Tirol


V INSPIRATION | Wisdom Keeper                       HEART TEACHER

Teach from the moment. Embodying the new dimension of spirituality. Live Heart Realization. Apply the modes of action of the mystics. Practicing grace under pressure. Recognize soul intentions. Bring higher love, deeper truth and greater freedom to earth. Becoming a blessing.
Teaching-Modul 5: Live, Love, Legacy                             EMBRACE THE SOUL

Mo Dec 09, 8 pm – Sun dec 15, 10 am     Tirol/Austria


Seminar fee for the whole time: Eur 3550,- plus room/board.

All 5 modules only bookable as a package. Exclusive group.
Recommended prerequisite: SACRED HEART – The essential Initiation


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