What is the difference between already good and great leaders? Great Leaders are open! Great leaders are open for new experiences, new ideas, new people and new endeavors. It is through their very oneness that they attract infinite possibilities, create endless networks and form cultures where meaningful endeavors are being cultivated. . With an open ear they listen. With an open mind they thrive on new strategies. With an open heart they represent their company. With an open spirit they are ready to be called. Leadership is not about what we do. It is about what we do and who we are. Leadership is about the self and how we express it. Great Leadership is Leadership in alignment with the soul. Great leadership is “Leading from the GLOBAL HEART®”.Wisdom Keepers around the world provide a wide array of tools to explore the self and its wondrous resources. The goal of the GLOBAL HEART® Leadership Conferences is to access this timeless wisdom and make its resources available to great leaders who truly desire to make a difference in the world. “Leading from the GLOBAL HEART®” creates a transformational realm out of which leadership flows effortlessly. Leaders of future generations will operate graciously out of this area of consciousness.


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