7 GENERATIONS | A Temple Ritual to clear the Ancestral Lineage



With “7 Generations” german born wisdom teacher Thomas Young developed a powerful consciousness-tool. Its goal is to erase and let go of information stored in the cellular system of the body. With a clearing of the ancestral lineage the encodements which do not serve the highest good of one’s soul unfoldment will be released in the protected Sacred Space of a Temple evoked through the guidance of Thomas Young. The listener will be invited to invoke seven generations of his familial heritage to appear before his inner eye.

In many cultures around the globe it is a shared truth and experience that whatever happens within a family will have its repercussion and effect via genetic coding through seven generations until it is erased from the cellular memory bank. The Temple Ritual is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced me­di­tators. The optimal position for meditation is sitting up­right on a meditation cushion or similar seating. The individual process of clearing the ancestral lineage may be unexpectedly deep and physically in­tense. Please take care that you are undisturbed during the ritual and that you reserve time afterwards for relaxation and rest. The ritual requires a stability of one’s psyche and clear intention. Additionally, the ability to center at heart level or the practice of heart centered meditation would be very beneficial. Please also take care that you provide yourself with a lot of water after the ritual. Do not worry or think about whether your perception of what you saw during the ritual was right or wrong.

Instead focus your attention on the body and its processing of the released information. It would be wise to repeat the ritual from time to time to access an ever deeper freedom from any negative programming due to the ancestral lineage.

Wisdom teacher Thomas Young works in his conferences and retreats with powerful techniques out of the mystery school tradition as well as cutting edge consciousness tools. The essential goal is the unfoldment of one’s soul and the experience of spiritual breakthroughs. A central focus of his work is the opening and awakening of the heart center of an individual. The Temple Ritual could not have its utmost effect without the wonderful, sacred music of Constance Demby. Therefore, a great thank you goes to this magnificient composer whose virtuosity and openness enabled another outstanding production to follow the highly acclaimed “Sacred Heart Meditation”-CD.

Author and voice: Thomas Young
Music: Constance Demby
Time: ca 60 min