DIVINE BLUEPRINT | Contact with your Highest Essence



The advanced DIVINE BLUEPRINT ceremony allows the invitation of and reconnection with your highest essence.The key is to navigate this highest essence from TIMELESSNESS INTO TIME, i.e. becoming and being totally present. Experiencing this we speak of authenticity. Pure life force. Apart from universal fields of healing in which you could tap into, there is one Blueprint overlighting these which is highly individual – the Divine Blueprint, the complete version of yourself containing the original matrix of your soul. Experiencing this most inner truth inspires many people to walk their life path with all of their heart. Conscious merging with the core of our being enables us to directly connect with the unfoldment of our highest potential.

The DIVINE BLUEPRINT ceremony developed by wisdom teacher Thomas Young leads to a direct reconnection with our highest essence. If we are able to be fully present with the divinity of our consciousness in our bodies, we will vibrate in the highest frequency possible and thus become a blessing for ourselves and others. DIVINE BLUEPRINT is suited for beginners as well as for experienced meditators. The optimal position for meditation is lying on a comfortable ground, yoga mat or bed. Make sure that you stay conscious and do not fall asleep. You will be offered an opportunity to feel the bliss of your soul in your body. Be invited to embrace the wonder of this experience!


DIVINE BLUEPRINT – Contact with your Highest Essence
Author and voice: Thomas Young
Music: Ashana
Time: 40:38