MOTHER HEALING – Heal the Relationship with your Mother CD



MOTHER HEALING gifts its listeners with the possibility to heal the relationship with one‘s personal mother and to simultaneously breakthrough into an experience of the Divine Mother. As long as the relationship with the personal mother is disturbed, it will be difficult for spiritual aspirants to fully surrender to the unconditionally loving energies of the transpersonal mother. Many seekers ask in their prayers and meditation for a contact to higher dimensions while at an unconscious level they may prevent it at the same time. The same holds true for the domain of partnership – no matter if you are a man or a woman – as long as the relationship to your mother is not clear, the archetypical masculine and feminine energies cannot enfold their dance which both genders so deeply long to experience.

Through a unique change of perspective MOTHER HEALING succeeds in breaking those patterns on a feeling level and guides us into an inner space of free flowing love. In a surprising way the relationship to the mother will be finally healed so that a new space to encounter the Divine Mother opens up. Thereby decades of ritual work bear fruit. As Master of Ceremony Mystic Thomas Young guides the listener into dimensions of long awaited healing and subtile transformation. Participants of the same-titled workshop MOTHER HEALING are deeply touched through this form of heart work out of the mystery school traditions.

The newly developed temple ceremony leads to a direct experience of the Divine Mother. Those who are able to completely surrender to this inner encounter carry the key to bliss in their hearts. Through consciously opening within the ceremony we become a gift to ourselves and a blessing to others. MOTHER HEALING wishes to be a contribution in the form of a guided ceremony which may enable many people to profoundly transform the most important relationship of their lives.

MOTHER HEALING is suited for beginners as well as for experienced meditators. The optimal position for meditation is sitting or lying on a comfortable chair, yoga mat or bed. Make sure that you stay conscious and do not fall asleep. The felt encounter with the Divine Mother is a graceful experience which heals the relationship to the personal mother on a deep level. Accept the invitation to bring this essential part of your life story into a healing flow.