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SACRED HEART | The Essential Heart Initiation


In this Conference the participants will experience a ceremonial initiation into the Heart Center and its wondrous resources. This life-renovating experience includes the exploration of energy fields, dream work, meditation, Yoga, Silence and Fasting, oracular work, individual as well as collective rituals.Sacred Heart is a deeply transformative experience for its participants. The conference is considered a milestone in many spiritual biographies. Students experience a direct soul contact. The retreat takes place in the Centro d’Ompio at Lago di Orta, North Italy. The mediterranean foliage of the centro and his solitary position high over the lake touches the heart in and of itself. The Centro is beautifully located on a sunterrace above lago Orta /North Italy. It borders large chestnut forests perfect for beautiful hikes in nature. An ideal vortex for the days of the initiation.

08.06.-18.06.2021 Lago di Orta, Italy Eur 1400,- + room / board / / SOLD OUT Waiting list
20.06.-30.06.2021 Lago di Orta, Italy Eur 1400,- + room / board / / SOLD OUT Waiting list
For questions as regards room & board please ask our office.


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A sacred journey into the Pyrenees of South France to places where Mary Magdalen has been living. Here, in the legendary land of the Cathars we go into touch with the energies of those times. We stay at a retreat center from which we start our excursions to churches, stones, labyrinths, castle and caves. Those will lead us to Rennes-Le-Chateau, Monsegur, Mont Bugarach, the cave of Mary Magdalen, etc. It is a journey of the heart, for those souls who can sense the presence of Mary Magdalene within themselves and have a longing for an even deeper reconnection. This land is like Sedona extremely charged with higher vibrations and ancient wisdom. An openness for a deep transformation is a prerequisite for partaking in this retreat. This is not a sightseeing tour, but a spiritual journey where the inner and outer levels of reality coalesce into a synchronistic resonance. The voyage itself becomes the initiation. A wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Mary Magdalen at the places where she actually lived.

Jul 30 – Aug 07, 2021 Rennes-Le-Chateau, South France Eur 995,- + room / board
For questions as regards room & board please ask our office.

30jul(jul 30)20:0007aug(aug 7)10:00MARY MAGDALEN RETREAT | A Sacred JourneyPYRENÄEN SÜDFRANKREICH, Les Labadous, Rennes-Le-Chateau

SEVEN HEARTS | The Radical Presence of the Mystic

Seven days that will change your life. A week of transformation setting free the higher octave of love, truth and freedom. The lief-changing experience leads to a new form of radical presence. The unique retreaet enables participants to win a new perspective of the larger story of their life’s journey and soul purpose. Individual soul force will be significantly heightened through learning and practicing the seven hearts of the mystic. A true gift for those who are working with the human spirit and know how to bring the seven hearts to life.“He who masters the seven hearts, reaches the unspeakable peacefulness of the mystic, the heartfelt presence of God in every cell, the compassionate view of the Wise Ones into the world. Due to the great resonance as regards the Seven Hearts, the unique retreat will take place one more time in 2019.

Nov 1-7, 2021 Kleinwalsertal/Oberstdorf  Eur 990,- + room / board
Early Bird Special until Aug 1: Eur 880,- + room / board
For questions as regards room & board please ask our office.


01nov(nov 1)20:0007(nov 7)10:00SEVEN HEARTS | The Radical Presence of the MysticHOTEL IFEN, Oberseitestrasse 6, Hirschegg

 The Retreat

Heal from the now. Reconnect with your HEALING SELF in this powerful retreat. It is possible for you and each person to navigate the HEAL PART OF YOUR SELF through an awareness training into the foreground of being. Due to many requests we developed a 5 day Intensive on Gozo. Heart teacher & mystic Thomas Young will initiate and accompany this navigation with a variety  of exercises and meditations. Access to new and especially healing forms of presence are practiced. At the same time, old belief patterns are released in a powerful field experience and the participants are prepared to let the HEALING SELF flow into their everyday lives. This retreat is also very suitable for healers, therapists, teachers and mentors, who will have the opportunity to test self-healing powers and later integrate them into their professional lives.

Start: We, Sep 22, 2021, 8 pm | Finish: Su, Sep 26 .2021 2 pm
Seminar fee: Eur 595,- plus room/board/flight

Special Package:
Right after our HEALING FLOW GOZO – Retreat is the start of our LIFE FORCE GOZO – Retreat from Mo Sep 27, 8 pm to Su Oct 3, 2021 2 pm. If you should participate in both retreats HEALING FLOW GOZO will be discounted from Eur 595,- to Eur 400,-.

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 The Hawaii Retreat

Here, amidst the incredible beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, healing and personal transformation seem to be accelerated. The Big Island of Hawaii has long been known as the healing island. The spirit of Pele, the goddess of the volcano, has a way of cutting through blockages and bringing to light our innermost yearnings. Whatever one wishes for often manifests very quickly here. Over 1200 years ago, the Polynesians traveled thousands of miles over open sea to find Hawai’i. Legend suggests that what drew these people across the ocean was the vision of paradise in the North Pacific. Their knowledge drew them to a place in which the spirit of lokahi (harmony of mind, body and spirit) encourages peace and restoration, while the volcanic power fuels possibilities for creative synthesis. Native Hawaiians, with their belief in the union of matter and spirit, have long recognized the healing properties of the landscape.

Hawai’i Island has become a center of healing, a place where profound native Hawaiian healing traditions have fused with Eastern and Western medical practices to create an international center of innovative treatment based on centuries of accumulated knowledge. The conference sets the stage to attune with the healing forces of the island.

Our spiritual work will start with an early morning session, followed by breakfast, a late morning session and an evening session. All afternoons are free to explore the surroundings of the center or the island. On some selected days we will make excursions. Our focus will be on a deep connection with the healing forces of our souls by using healing work, body exercises and dream work.

20.-30.03.2022 Captain Cook  Hawaii

Eur 1200,-  plus room/board. Early Bird Special Eur 990,- / until Feb 1, 2022
Please ask our office for any specifics as regards the lodging.

20mar(mar 20)20:0030(mar 30)10:00DREAMTIME IN PARADISE |
 The Hawaii RetreatCaptain Cook, Keawiki Road