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From one of my best friends I got the book as a Christmas present. Cause I had decided to stay away from spiritual literature, I rolled my eyes. However from the first to the last page I had the most amazing and pleasureful reading experience and an epiphany of the awesome kind. Now I see myself as the proud owner of this fully loaded piece of insight and wisdom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy that this book found me. ~ S.G


An true report on the expedition to the treasure within . . our heart space. A treasure too is this book in and of itself, a rich source. Many times I reread this book, first the whole book and then certain passages. Time and again I find new inspirations, new thoughts which are transforming me, I rediscover what I had read before in a completely different, ever new way. This makes this book very special for me. It is truly written with heart’s blood, very personally and yet simultaneously giving exactly those impulses which are important in our lives right now. One of the best spiritual books I ever read! Wonderful stories from direct personal experience which open our hearts. Thomas Young truly is a great inspiring and a teacher full of love. I also highly recommend his seminars. ~V.H



I had a wonderful experience after a YOUNG AT HEART-Seminar in Basel and would like to share it. The day after I am sitting down like usual in my morning meditation. Suddenly I sense something like a pull or wide space, almost as if the heavens open up above me. Like a a tube or a tunnel, like in the center of the hurricane a passage opens. In its center seemed to be a clear path and around very light cloudlike formations. As if from another dimension a vibrating, powerful love showered over me. I never had such a powerful experience in my whole life. It went on for a while. Showering myself . . pausing  . . and then showering again . . . I did not dare to move. I sat there and could not think any more. I experienced a huge love and state of happiness and could hardly believe what just had taken place.

Since this weekend something warm and soft became alive again. I feel strongly touched in my heart and I am deeply thankful to Thomas for the wonderful way in which he guided me to the very center of my heart. I am very happy to have met him and look forward to walk together a part of my life’s path with him. ~ Silvia Junker


YOUNG AT HEART – Frankfurt

After this seminar I went home full of gratitude and with a feeling of having been deeply touched in my heart. Never in my whole life I experienced such a beautiful weekend in a community of people which were complete strangers until then. Thomas is absolutely unique in his radiance, his perception and his presence. I am looking forward to further seminars with him.   ~Ulli Klute


I did many seminars and I am also very experienced in Light Body Work, but this seminar with Thomas has touched my heart to the core. I can do nothing, but highly recommend it! Thomas enables the participants to gather in a Sacred Space where Oneness becomes tangible. He puts the exact right questions to let every participant advance. It is a blessing to be part of this.  ~ A.W.


I especially liked the sense of humor, the finesse of the teaching and acute perception with which Thomas guided us through the day. He touched me on various levels of my being. Apart from many new insights, great metaphors, inspiring stories and magical exercises, he most importantly opened another door in my heart. I went home very energized and started into my week with a new sense of lightness and warnth in my heart. This Weekend was one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences I were able to make in my whole life. Thomas Young is a human being whose integrity is merely fascinating to me. His unconditional love for life and beinghood, his harmonious essence, compassion and many more are more than tangible. He understands to navigate in the most dramatic situations with his humor. The spark did ignite! A big thank you!    Bianca, Neustadt



This is one of the best and most beautiful seminars I ever visited – and I visited quite a few! I had the honor to experience the heart teachings of Thomas Young several times already and I am always taken away and deeply touched with how much love and heartful poise, humor and openness he is able to touch the participants! He is capable to read the theme of a group or an individual.

So it was possible for me during the Christ Quantum Weekend to reach utter clarity about my life. Something very unexpected. Working with the Christ Energy as a theme is surely highly charged and risky to present, but so worthwhile. I also went through inner feelings of resistance at first – but then in the most wondrous way the passage opened up into the deeper layers of this topic with all its love, openness, connectedness, transformation and contact. I sensed a deep yearning in myself of merging with this wonderful energy in order to heal. It was like a powerful pull into the depths of my soul. I am forever thankful to Thomas that the created such a weekend. He has surpassed hisself – that may sound exaggerating – but it is exacly how I feel about it. He touches and moves hearts – there can be no exaggeration in this! I wish to see more from him here in Frankfurt and all over the world! Thank from the bottom of my heart.  Dr. med. Andrea Thomas



The experiences I could make in the Seven Hearts-retreat changed my life in a way I had yearned for since decades. I found the deeper meaning in what I lived through. Up to this moment there were only painful memories and I received a healing for which I dare to choose only one word: Grace . . I am certainly open to new experiences and whoever finds that openness in his- or herself can make the experience of being carefully and lovingly guided by Thomas into states of consciousness where it is hard to find words for. Entering a heart space together with a group will be one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives. ~ Elke Ratsch



On the New Year’s Eve Conference BLISS OUT my heart did finally open up! . . This heart-to-heart exercise I will never forget for the rest of my life. I was flying through the universe with my partner and at the same time the universe was in me. Incredibly awesome!

Then SACRED HEART – the heart initiation in Italy – I have no idea what exactly happened there but somehow I am deeply changed. I think differently, I react in another way, special issues become more important than others, very different to how it was before. It may not be something spectacular but it is working through myvery foundation and that may take a while, but when it enters my daily consciousness from there, I do act immedately! Just after returning home I created a meditation room . . I am the one who is mostly surprised. Looking back the influence of Thomas has been like that of a mid-wife . . He is a catalyst of the highest order and I am so happy that I found my way into his conferences. Therefore I like to express my thanks with a way more fulfilled heart and dearly hope to be part of one of his retreats in the future.  ~Sigrid Schwarz


7 GENERATIONS – Pulsar Congress Graz / Austria

For Thomas Young’s 3 h Workshop 7 GENERATIONS – A Clearing of the Ancestral Lineage we had so many sign ups that the big venue almost could not take them all. On this Congress heart teacher Thomas Young demonstrated his qualities to the utmost. From my perspective his authenticity is the key for his great impact and finally his success. ~ Marlies Bach/Pulsar Kongress


7 GENERATIONS – Life Force Congress Zürich

Even when I did not understand everyone of the instructions, I could open myself up without any expectation but with a clear-hearted intention. I have only known my grandmother from the mother’s side, the Grandfather from the father’s side and all my other ancestors I do not know. Interestingly enough I could sense their energy and trough the guidance throughout the ritual I could relate to different energies and patterns of that specific ancestor. Probably because I know them from myself.

I could sense this energy through the detection of a certain pain in my body, always in a different spot. After giving back those energies to my ancestors I felt a greater sense of freedom. When the whole  lineage of my ancestors finally stood behind me, backing me up, I felt their power. Unfortunately my mother still stood in front of me – a sign for me that I did not let go completely as regards her. When we were guided into some of our other incarnations I felt an energy rising up from my spine.

When Thomas finished, something which I can hardly describe came over me, overlighted me . . It was like fireworks, but not emanating from a center . .it was everwhere in my body at the same time. Like an inner trembling, small, bright circles, as if my cells suddenly had been filled with light. I never experienced such a thing before. In the beginning I was afraid but then I let it happen and it stayed there for a little while. ~ Marietta Conradin