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MOMENTUM MASTERY  |  The Best Year-Long Program 2019

Mastering the momentum is considered the High Art of the heart teachings and of life in itself. The moment where everything falls into time and place and we experience a state of flow. We act completely at ease from the very core of our being. The universe all of a sudden supports our movements. We are extremely charged with energy. Everything functions and works out by itself, or better by the Self. This mastery is a process which every one can learn. The MOMENTUM MASTERY Year Long Program 2019 will clarify who you really are: Your visions, the depth of your soul, your highest calling, your special gifts, your life’s dream.


Unleash the Power of your Heart

In 4 modules we will devote ourselves of the principles of manifestation and the creation of unlimited possibilities. The Group Training aims at leading every participant into their highest momentum, be it in their profession, thier relations, their health or as a spiritual being. The energetics and increased forces of the MOMENTUM MASTERY lead to transformation in all areas of life.

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Principles of successful manifestation. Thoughts and seeds of grain. Emotions as fuel. Living in alignment with soul. Turn to the Inner. Powerful imagination. Soulful dreams. The Highest Calling. Choosing your destiny.

MAGIC OF THE HEART: The Recognition of the Inner Matrix
MOMENTUM: Enduring Enthusiasm
We 22.05. 8 pm – Su 21.05.2019, 2 pm                              MALTA/GOZO



The law of attraction. Magnetizing kindred spirits into your life. Connecting through your heart. Find helpers and allies in visible and invisible dimensions. Cultivating Higher Trust. Developing heart intelligence and soul force. Creating from eternity. Gather your medicine.

MAGIC OF THE HEART: Connecting beyond yourself
MOMENTUM: The Universe – a friend with super powers
We 17.07. 8 pm – Su 21.07.2019, 2 pm                              LAKE CONSTANCE/CH



Turn around the axis of time. Begin through the end. Wondrous ways of the mystics. Becoming time. Activating resources from other life times. The wonder of becoming. Intention and action. Multidimensional perception.

MAGIC OF THE HEART: Extreme focus and simultaneous letting go
MOMENTUM: Synchronicities & coincidences start occuring
We 25.09. 8 pm – Su 29.10.2019, 2 pm                              MALTA/GOZO



The Power of Wow. The Art of Awe and Wonder. Learning to love change. Mastery as the conscious creation of reality. The realization of your heart. Complete success consciousness. Being your very, very best.

MAGIC OF THE HEART: Vibrating through an infinite source
MOMENTUM: Inevitable Success
We 27.11. 8 pm – So 01.12.2019, 2 pm                                FREE CHOICE

Seminar fee for the whole time: Eur 2250,- plus room/board.
All 4 modules only bookable as a package. Exclusive group.